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Game Loot Network - Experience and Registration: - GLN:. Tests, experiences, scam and information about online mobile games.

This business opportunity in the world of mobile gaming. : Grab your share of the mobile gaming revolution. Loot Hub by Game Loot Studios - Download in App Store, Apple, iTunes and the Android app on Google Play ..

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Game Loot Network - Experience The New Era of Online Gaming

Game Loot Network is a new network marketing company based around the 40 Billion dollar mobile gaming industry.

Affiliates inside Game Loot Network are called Game Ambassadors. Within Game Loot Network you can build your own team. You do not have to be a gamer yourself. It is also not necessary to know other gamers.

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You can signup as one of 3 levels:

  • Free Gamer: "Just" Play Games
  • Premium Gamer: Play Games + Win Prizes
  • Game Ambassador: Play Games + Make Commissions + Marketing Arcade

Obviously the money is with the Game Ambassador. By joining at this level you will recieve 500 game tokens which can be used to play the various gameloot games and buy in-game items within those games.

Team building takes place via a 3 matrix. You can choose to position left, center or right. Otherwise, the individual layers are filled automatically from left to right.
The thing Users like most about this comp plan is that you only need 3 personal Game Ambassador signups even at the topmost rank. So basically after you get your 3, your main job is to help your teammembers get their 3 and always be signing up gamers. This creates huge amounts of leverage.

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What is special about the marketing plan of Game Loot Network?

  • Each partner counts for the group volume - regardless of whether he has been sponsored or has come into the team via the Upline (Spillover) or the Downline.
  • There is a 40% rule whereby a maximum of 40% of the commission is paid by one leg. Each sponsor will therefore always strive to fill his 3 legs evenly (Spillover) so that 100% of the commission will be paid out.
  • Even for the upper ranks, only three active personally sponsored "Game Ambassador"s are required to qualify.

You can also share Game Loot's games with your friends and social media contacts. Should any of those people start purchasing Game Loot Tokens (which work in any of the Game Loot Games to allow you to buy special items and features within the games) you will recieve commissions.
It is really that simple! Finally you can earn when people play a mobile game on their phone!

In the Marketing Arcade, you get access to professionally designed capture pages and marketing materials for Game Loot Network.


GameLoot Network is a internet marketers dream. GameLoot provides affiliates with the best marketing materials possible so they can position themselves to profit from the $40 billion (and growing) mobile gaming industry.

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This website, we provide our partners for their purposes free of charge - of course then having your own registration link!

Game Loot Network - Experience and Registration: As a distributor, you can recommend the products through the MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) and earn money. There is also a brilliant marketing plan, compensation plan. We provide you free on a website / landing page.

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Game Loot Network - The Fun Zone as a place where users can play games, win various prizes, whether on Tab, mobile phones, smartphone, tablet or notebook. - The following review, information, consumer tests and experiences with GLN: : Game Loot Network - Experience and Registration: !

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